Chocolate maker

"A beautiful product, the unique taste of the chocolate Bernachon is something that accompanied me since childhood. Its special feature is of Excellence & Tradition.»PHILIPPE BERNACHON

Chocolate maker

« bean-to-bar » *

Bean-to-bar signifie de la fève à la tablette. Les fabricants de chocolat bean-to-bar fabriquent de A à Z leur chocolat, de la récolte à la mise en tablette. C’est pour cette raison que Bernachon peut vous garantir un goût unique, le goût Bernachon.

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Behind every great legacy, there is always one person’s persistence, their sole passion, their decisions, their unwavering principles and well-placed exigence. Maurice Bernachon strived for perfection. At the start of his career, he loved all the food professions. But one day, he met chocolate, or maybe the chocolate met him… Who knows? In any case, thereafter, they became absolutely inseparable.


behind the scenes of the factory

The cocoa beans arrives in bags weighing 60 to 90 kg each. Then a rigorous selection process will take place based on the different origins of the cocoa. The nose, sight and hands will all play an essential role. All the elements in this step required the highest care as well as an incomparable meticulousness.


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